About ProElite

ProElite Training is the innovative way to learn the athletic and functional skill through music and social engagement. ProElite Training is the brand name of RATSM Concepts (Rhythm Athletic Training Systems Methods). RATSM Concepts is the name of the company and the patented intellectual property. RATSM Concepts trains athletes at their pace through audible cadence, visual cues, and analytics. The platform uses music and the metronome of music to commercially train athletes in a social and gamified method.

ProElite headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio with shareholders in Dayton, Columbus (Ohio), Florence, Kentucky, and Atlanta, Georgia. ProElite training has partnership agreements with NFL, NBA, MLS, and MMA athletes along with major sports agencies, music producers, and a developmental partnership with the ProFootball Hall of Fame. For more information on the company or how to bring a ProElite Camp to your town, please submit inquiries on our Contact Us tab.

ProElite Training has partnerships with the Pro-Football Hall of Fame, NFL players, NBA players, MMA fighters, MLS players, and Slaughterhouse Records.

Ali Barnes – Founder
J.C. Baker – CEO
Chris Stets – CMO
Joe Toth – CTO

Office Operations – J.C. Baker & Associates