Ali Barnes

President / Client Acquisition
(J.C. Baker Management)

Ali Barnes is a passionate sports innovator and enthusiast. Ali is the creator of the Rhythm Athletic Training System Method Concept which is a patent on how to train athletes through the metronome of music to increase rhythm, tempo, and pace. The commercial name is ProElite Training. Until his creation, the concept of quantifying, and explicitly programming muscle memory through this form had not been realized or commercialized.

Ali was a three-year college athlete from Miami Ohio University with emphasis on Sports Management and Entrepreneurship. This education led him to create AB Training providing athletic training and weight loss programming for athletes and adults. Through AB Training Ali offered yearly book scholarships to high school graduates and the Logan Barnes Homeless Charity providing physical needs and resources monthly to people suffering from homelessness.

Ali was an agent advisor through Sports Management World Wide, receiving mentorship from NFL agent Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and NBA agent Joel Corry. With the necessary qualifications of a certified Agent, Ali oversees agent regulations, player association legalities, contract negotiations, endorsements, sponsorship, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing, and recruiting.

Ali is responsible for client acquisition, initial programming, and resource allocation for the J.C. Baker Management company.